Homemade Hell, Homemade Paradise

2014 / watercolor animation, table(0:00:06)/ approx: 70 cm x 120 cm x 160 cm
2014 / akvarell animáció, asztal (0:00:06) / kb.: 70 cm x 120 cm x 160 cm

Sometimes home sweet home ain't that sweet anymore. It turns into the golden cage or into the venue of personal misery and fear. A beautiful facade is distracting from the things that are happening indoors. Wars of roses, domestic violence, alcoholism, financial misery etc are kept secret behind looked doors. Anyway everybody suppose to knows his/her personal homemade hell.

- Super Romantics / Daegu Art Factory / Daegu, South Korea / 2014
- Behind the rose-tinted glasses / VILTIN Gallery / Budapest / Hungary / 2014